Do you want to lose thousands or perhaps millions of dollars in lost business because your network has been compromised? Now more than ever, security is a top priority for your business operations on the Internet. Empowering Media offers these services:

Managed Firewall

Firewalls are now a requirement for the security of network access to the Internet. Empowering Media has years of experience installing firewall security systems on LAN/WANs with complex rules and VPN support. We work with the leading vendors of firewall appliances, such as ClarkConnect, Checkpoint, Cisco PIX, SonicWall, among many others.

Server Monitoring

In today's electronic world, many hackers have automated tools to scan your network for potential vulnerability. To combat this problem, Empowering Media can monitor your server for potential break-ins before they occur. Using SNMP and other secure methods we monitor your network vitals and notify you should an issue occur. With our set of commercial and custom developed applications, we can help detect security breeches before they can become a problem.

Security Audits

Our security experts can rigorously inspect your company's network and do a vulnerability assessment of your risk. With our broad-based technology background, we are able to look at corporate infrastructures as a whole, locate potential internal security breaches, and make recommendations for appropriate action.

Intrusion Detection Software (IDS)

While firewalls prevent intruders from getting in, they don't alert you if someone is trying to "pick the lock." Network security is a full-time job and it needs to be monitored on a 24x7 basis.

Server Hardening

Even if your server is behind a firewall, you are still at risk of being attacked. Neither Microsoft Windows nor Linux out of the box are secure to use on the Internet. A firewall can help monitor and protect a server from attacks, but cannot help security problems with the services you offer on the Internet.

From our years of Internet experience, we can secure your Windows or UNIX server from possible attack. We'll update your software, remove any security risks, and remove services not needed to use on the Internet.

For more information on how our system administrators can help protect your company, please contact our sales department.