Our development process was created to provide our clients with the ability to monitor progress online, from beginning to end, and that all work correlates with the primary objectives. We use a three-step project life-cycle, the "3-D" process. Each step has discrete milestones and project deliverables.


The first and most important step of every project is to clearly define its purpose and objectives. Working closely with our client, we define a winning strategy to deliver the benefits the solution will provide.

Milestones Completed:

  • Initial team and client meeting
  • Project scope
  • Functional and technical features
  • Site layout concepts
  • Target audience and browser requirements


  • Functional & Technical Specification
  • Web site flowchart
  • Prototypes
  • Project Timeline
  • Budget


This is where all the items specified in the define step are realized. All the applications, databases, and graphics are developed, tested, and made ready for production.

Milestones Completed:

  • Graphic design
  • Database development
  • Application development
  • Component testing
  • Application testing
  • Client signoff of work completed


  • Completed project development
  • Completed site layout
  • Test cases (optional)
  • Performance benchmarking results (optional)


Work is finalized and delivered. The project is transformed from a development and testing environment into a live production environment.

Our relationship with our client doesn't cease here. We will assist you in all of your company's future needs. In addition, maintenance contracts are available to keep your Web Site current and up-to-date.

Milestones Completed:

  • Final client modifications
  • Project transfer from testing to production


  • Completed project
  • Documentation
  • Future Assessments
  • Training (optional)