Worry Free Scalable Services

HostCube is a service by developers for developers. We understand the complexities of creating a modern day web site. HostCube makes your life easier, you code, and we host. From the basic one VPS instance, to a clustered multi-server configuration, we have the knowledge to scale your web service.

HostCube's core focus is on offering managed VPS and unmanaged VPS solutions. VPSes (otherwise known as Virtual Private Servers) divide "cube" a large physical server into separate logical partitions running their own operating system.

All VPSes are hosted on high-end 8 core CPUs, hardware RAID-10 with 8 hard drives, and 16 GB of ECC ram. Some serious hardware for some serious VPS performance. Each managed VPS includes:

  • Proactive Monitoring - Monitoring over 30 points per VPS
  • 30-Day Backup Rotation - Nightly backups off server, with monthly off site rotation
  • Secure Private Network - A separate network for all DNS, monitoring, backups and software updates
  • Patch Management - Updating all server software to ensure it's secure
  • Intrusion Detection - Making sure your VPS is secure and respond to any unusual activity
  • Real Time Resource Usage - Monitor vital statistics of your VPS
  • Responsive Technical Support - The same great service you know and love
  • Monthly General System Administration - For helping with custom software installs

Visit HostCube today to see how we can help.