Spam, otherwise known as unsolicited Email, has increased to over 90% of all Email traffic. America Online alone blocks 2 million spam Emails a day. With one out of every two Emails spam, it is becoming impossible to sift through your Email inbox. Just like the telephone, Email has become a necessary tool in business today. Email is an effective and easy method to communicate with other businesses. Unfortunately the technology also makes it easy for spammers to send out junk Email. Fortunately, there is a solution.

Empowering Media's anti-spam service eliminates 99% of all incoming spam while letting valid Email through. Our service is constantly updated to make sure valid Email comes through, while marking or blocking all unsolicited advertisements. Our process combines many different anti-spamming techniques to effectively reduce the amount of spam in your Email inbox. Our solution is a time saving and effective solution to solve the spam epidemic.

  • No software to install, configure or maintain we manage all operations
  • Software is constantly updated to catch the latest spamming techniques
  • Software automatically learns new spamming techniques
  • No need to create rules or filters - our service performs this automatically for you
  • Service is compatible with any mail server
  • Backup mail servers and seperate data centers ensure maximum availability
  • The service is monitored 24/7 to ensure a timely delivery of your Email
  • Quick installation - service sits in front of your existing mail server.
  • Service can be customized to tailor the type of Email and spam you receive.
  • Users determine how to route spam with their mail client
Visit our Anti-Spam Center to see our service in action.


An optional component of our anti-spam, is our anti-virus service. With the outbreak of many Email viruses, Empowering Media realizes this is an important issue. More and more viruses are Email based and spreading faster than ever. Empowering Media has partnered with Trend Micro to protect your Email from viruses.

Only 18% of computer users update their antivirus software. (source: Symantec) Don't be left vulnerable because your software is not current. With our service there is nothing to update. In conjunction with Trend Micro's antivirus software and our own custom developed system, you can be assured that your Email is protected.

  • No costly software to install, configure or maintain we manage all operations
  • Prevent lost time and money removing viruses
  • Software is always up-to-date, catching new viruses
  • All Email accounts are protected without installing software on each computer
  • All incoming and outgoing messages are scanned
  • Anti-Virus pattern updates are checked hourly

Our anti-spam and/or anti-virus service can be remotely or hosted locally at your data center. Visit our Anti-Virus Center to see our service in action.

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