About The Blog

The Dev Null blog is about technology.

This blog IS:

  • to discuss the technical side of our services, trends and general observations.
  • to discuss “best practices” and helpful tips.
  • for anything else regarding tech is also open game and may not pertain to services we offer.
  • for a wide audience and not just Empowering Media customers. From the casual onlooker who wants to learn the latest happening in tech, to the all out tech “geek” programmer who wants a helpful tip.
  • open for comments as long as they are on topic and not spam.

This blog ISN’T:

  • another blog author who is full of himself seeing how many people will read his ramblings. I hope readers will actually get some useful info out of my postings.
  • to discuss what I did today personally.
  • creating useless blog entries solely with SEO in mind (though blog postings do help with SEO)
  • to prove I am smarter than thou. If there is anything you don’t understand… ask.
  • to post current issues with our services. For customers of Empowering Media who wish to get the latest info please subscribe to the Customer Service Blog.