Outgoing Email best practices

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007 12:50PM UTC

I just found a blog post for best practices on how to setup an outbound Email server. Something I’ve been meaning to write a blog entry about:


Our anti-spam service use these guidelines as part of our first level of spam protection. If your setup does not follow these guidelines, expect issues sending Email to our anti-spam service. From our experience the only mail servers that don’t follow these guidelines are Microsoft Exchange servers. No Unix MTA (sendmail, exim, postfix, qmail, etc), no ISPs (yahoo, AOL, hotmail, etc), or any other groupware product has had this issue. It appears MS administrators and Microsoft live in their own Internet bubble and don’t follow standard Internet protocols or RFCs. Either they don’t setup forward/reverse DNS, or an invalid SMTP HELO (ie server.local) These basic guidelines have been around for at least 7 years.

If a legit Email is getting rejected from our service, more than likely it’s because of this reason.

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