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New Blog Investor Junkie

January 22nd, 2012

We are announcing a new service radically different than our other existing services. We’ve created something we are passionate about here at Empowering Media – an investing and entrepreneurship blog. While looking around the web for a site that meet our tastes we couldn’t find one. We then decided to create the Investing blog – Investor Junkie to meet this untapped need. The web site has been in beta for the past year, and formally announcing the blog today.

While it’s different than our managed VPS or other hosting services, it does give us “street cred” on how to optimize a web site for high performance. We’ve always believed in “eating our own dog food”, so we can assist our customers with technology recommendations.

For existing customers, there is no need to worry about this new direction. We aren’t abandoning our web hosting services. We have over ten years of experience – many hours and money invested in our hosting services. We are still committed to offering, and expanding our web hosting services. Expect new features in the coming year, and some from using Investor Junkie as a test bed for new technologies.

While we already understood how to optimize web sites, we wanted a proof of concept to show customers how to use the various technologies and techniques.

The WordPress blog is lighting fast. This is thanks to the following technologies used:

We’ve also performed various optimization techniques we can also do for your web site.

One might be wondering how is this blog different than the many other personal finance blogs out there? It’s focus is on investing and entrepreneurship, rather than debt payment and minimizing expenses. The web site is about using investments, and human capital to expand your wealth and knowledge.

Most other blogs out there discuss the basics of personal finance – “spend less than you earn”, “don’t have too many debts”. Sure this is important, but it’s common sense. From our research, most other blogs fail to discuss basic and advanced investment topics. Investor Junkie will be this outlet.

As the financial crisis in 2008 has shown, there is still a lack of education and understanding in finance and economics. We hope Investor Junkie will not only entertain, but also educate on the various aspects of investing, and business ownership. In addition, showcase various technologies we can use on your own web site when hosting with us.