Here is a list of technology partners that help us provide solutions for our customers:

As the premier software company in the world, Microsoft has developed a reputation that is unsurpassed in today's technology-centric business world. We utilize Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 Server products for a variety of purposes; including IIS web servers, SQL Server, Exchange e-mail services, and .NET applications. Their products are used with our service and our managed solutions.

The Miva Corporation is the leader in e-commerce software. Their Miva Merchant, Miva Empresa, and Miva Virtual Machine products are key to our electronic commerce offerings. Miva's attention to ease of use, security, and flexibility make them an ideal choice for our customers. We offer their products with our service.

MySQL is the world's most popular open source database. Rivaling many commercial grade databases in both performance and reliability, we have found MySQL to be an essential tool to use with dynamic web sites. Our team has been deploying, using and maintaining MySQL since its early days, which makes us an ideal choice for your open source database needs. We offer MySQL with plans and our managed servers.

Offering both domain name registration and SSL certificates, OpenSRS, a Tucows Company, is an invaluable business partner which allows us to provide our customers with fast, reliable service. Their automated, secure systems allow us to pass significant savings to our customers.

Red Hat -- Linux, Embedded linux and Open Source Solutions
Empowering Media's customized RedHat distribution, which is a central component of our Linux hosting and managed services platforms, enables us to provide the most reliable internet experience possible. In addition, we are committed to supporting RedHat's commercial operating systems, such as RedHat Linux Advanced Server, due to the high-level of security, reliability, and performance that they have continuously shown through past use.